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This is a list of Sioux Falls Bankruptcy attorneys and lawyers.

If you are searching for Sioux Falls Bankruptcy lawyers, please choose from the attorneys listed below. Finding out more about each attorney in the directory is easy! Just click an attorney’s name and you will be able access their Web site. Want to compare all of the attorneys listed below? Just click the first name listed, then click "Next Attorney" at the top of the page and you can easily gather information about each Bankruptcy attorney in our directory.

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Connecting With a Licensed and Qualified South Dakota Bankruptcy Attorney

1. Find someone with excellent credentials and the respect of both clients and the legal community

Any prospective South Dakota bankruptcy lawyer should be a member in good standing of the SD State Bar and should have experience dealing specifically with bankruptcy issues. Given the speed at which bankruptcy laws can change (e.g. in October of 2005, Congress passed a major overhaul to the country's bankruptcy rules), make sure your attorney is up-to-speed on the latest bankruptcy laws. Check to see that candidate lawyers are members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

2. Offers fair fees for the services that you request

If you're filing a simple Chapter 7 liquidation, your case will likely cost less to dispatch than a complicated joint-spousal Chapter 13 filing that involves a dozen-plus creditors and other third parties. Your South Dakota bankruptcy attorney may charge you a fee upfront, a fee to be folded into your long-term debt repayment plan, or a fee based on the amount of time your case should take to complete and the complexity of the filing.

3. Get answers to key questions

During your initial consultation with your attorney, ask probing questions about his or her experience, schooling, awards/credentials, professional blemishes/past-ethical problems, support staff, and general strategy for dealing with financial reorganization. You should also find out how long a case like yours typically lasts. Take notes, do research both before and after your meeting, and meet with multiple candidates before rendering a decision about retaining counsel.

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