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This is a list of Phoenix Employment attorneys and lawyers.

If you are searching for Phoenix Employment lawyers, please choose from the attorneys listed below. Finding out more about each attorney in the directory is easy! Just click an attorney’s name and you will be able access their Web site. Want to compare all of the attorneys listed below? Just click the first name listed, then click "Next Attorney" at the top of the page and you can easily gather information about each Employment attorney in our directory.

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Phoenix Employment Attorneys

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Questions to Ask your Arizona Employment Law Attorney

What kind of experience do you have?

It is important to find an Arizona employment law attorney who has experience representing cases like the one that you are facing. If you have been discriminated against in the workplace -- for any reason, including age, sex, or race -- look for an attorney who has successfully helped others through such circumstances. Likewise, if you have been sexually harassed in the workplace or are going through a wage-hour dispute, find an attorney who thoroughly understands the issues and laws surrounding the matter you are facing.

What are your credentials and affiliations?

Find out where your attorney went to law school and what kind of professional organizations he or she belongs to. Membership in professional organizations generally shows a commitment to a particular area of law. So, if you Arizona employment law attorney belongs to the National Employment Lawyers Association or some other relevant organizations, it is a good sign that he or she is committed to the field of employment law.

Do you have a list of references I can contact?

Just because an attorney has a flashy ad does not mean that they are qualified to handle your particular case. Ask potential attorneys for a list of references before you decide to hire him or her to represent your case. Any attorney worth his or her salt should have a list of references from former clients and peers in the legal community readily available.

How much do you charge for your services?

An Arizona employment law attorney will likely charge you by the hour or ask for a flat rate depending on the complexity of your case and the amount of time the lawyer anticipates having to spend on your case. Make sure you agree with the terms and conditions of an attorney's services before you hire him or her to represent your case.

If you need help finding an Arizona employment law attorney near you, check out Here you can access attorneys throughout the state in places like Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Tucson and Flagstaff.