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This is a list of Richmond Driving DUIDWI attorneys and lawyers.

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Encuentre un Conductores bajo la Influencia DUIDWI Abogado en Richmond, Virginia (en Español).

Richmond Driving DUIDWI Attorneys

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Brad Butterworth, Attorney at Law

Steven L. Raynor, Raynor Law Office, P.C.

Riley & Wells

  G.   Davis   Esq.

Robert L. Flax, Flax & Stout Affiliated Law Offices


Things to Consider in Your Virginia DUI Attorney 

Does he or she respond to your correspondence?
A good DUI attorney should respond to emails, calls, and other types of communication in a timely manner. Additionally, he or she should answer your in-person questions to your satisfaction and be able to translate complicated legal jargon into language you can understand. Proper communication is very important in a successful attorney-client relationship.

Does your lawyer come highly recommended?
If you have obtained references from your attorney, check to make sure that they demonstrate that your attorney has a solid record for bringing satisfaction to past clients. Ask general practice lawyers in the community if they know about your attorney’s reputation. Similarly, ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know about your Virginia DUI attorney.

Has he or she published in the area of DUI law?
A DUI lawyer who can boast of publications may have an edge on his or her competition. If your attorney has written books or articles about DUI law, he or she may be very dedicated to that particular legal niche, and may also be more up-to-date on current legislation.

Does your Virginia DUI attorney belong to any professional organizations?
A good DUI lawyer should belong to the Virginia Bar Association. Membership in other organizations may demonstrate that your attorney is going “above and beyond” and shows a real interest in DUI law. Look for membership in these organizations: the American Bar Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Virginia Association for Justice. Check to see that your attorney is in good-standing with the Virginia Bar Association as well.

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