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This is a list of Manhattan Criminal attorneys and lawyers.

If you are searching for Manhattan Criminal lawyers, please choose from the attorneys listed below. Finding out more about each attorney in the directory is easy! Just click an attorney’s name and you will be able access their Web site. Want to compare all of the attorneys listed below? Just click the first name listed, then click "Next Attorney" at the top of the page and you can easily gather information about each Criminal attorney in our directory.

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Manhattan Criminal Attorneys

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The Law Office of Jan V. Farensbach

Michael W. Goldstein, Attorney at Law

Solages & Solages, Attorneys At Law

Stewart A. McMillan, Esq.

Bruce Yerman

Alan J. Goldberg, Attorney at Law

San Pedro & Jankowitz, Attorneys at Law

Raymond B. Grunewald & Associates

Law Office of John J. Genova


Tips to Find a Competent New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Look for an attorney ASAP

It's a good idea to start looking for an attorney as soon as you think you may be implicated in a crime. Don't wait to be arrested or charged with a crime before taking action to protect yourself.

Create a list of potential attorneys

Generate a list of potential attorneys so that you do not fall victim to the urgency you may face in the future. Having a list of several attorneys gives you some control over your situation, allowing you to choose the best New York criminal defense lawyer for your situation. If you aren't sure where to find potential attorneys in your area, consult Here you will find access to information about criminal defense attorneys in Manhattan, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers and elsewhere throughout the state.

Review your list and choose three attorneys who you think will be able to best meet your needs

Once you've compiled a list of criminal defense attorneys, it time to start researching the attorneys on your list. Check out each attorney's Web site and find out information like:

  • How much experience they have
  • Where they went to law school
  • What professional organizations they belong to
  • How they measure success
  • The attorney's availability and support staff
  • What their fee structure is
  • Their available resources
  • Meet in person with your top candidates

    Once you've vetted your list, set up appointments with your top three candidates. Meeting potential attorneys in person allows you to assess whether or not you like him or her, whether you believe he or she can do a good job for you and whether or not you trust him or her. During your meeting, be sure to ask how the attorney expects to be paid so that there are no surprises during the course of your case.