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This is a list of Los Angeles Divorce attorneys and lawyers.

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Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys

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Gerard A. Fierro & Associates, A Professional Law Firm

Law Offices of Evan Braunstein


What to Expect from a Divorce Attorney in California

Relevant Experience

Look for a California divorce attorney who has experience representing divorce cases similar to yours. If you have children and custody will be an issue, look for an attorney who has successfully helped others through child custody battles. If you would like to take a collaborative approach to your divorce, look for an attorney who is a good negotiator and has helped other couples work cooperatively through their divorce.

Fair Fee Schedule

Divorce is not cheap. Find out what an attorney expects to be paid and how they expect to be paid before signing on for any services. Most attorneys will charge an hourly rate for their time; however, if your case is relatively routine, an attorney might charge you a flat rate. Be careful when considering how much an attorney costs. It is important to hire the attorney who will do the best job for your circumstances.

Strong Communication Skills

Your attorney should be able to clearly communicate what you are up against and provide you with a plan of action that is best for your circumstances. At the same time, your attorney should not intimidate you or force his or her plan on you. You are in control of your case and have the ultimate authority to say how you want your case to progress. Look for an attorney who communicates well and who you can communicate with easily.

Solid Advice

When an attorney advices you about your divorce, he or she should take into consideration all of the potential obstacles you may face and outline a plan that is best suited for your situation. If an attorney does not address your specific concerns or take you seriously, it may be a good idea to find another attorney.

If you need help finding a California divorce attorney, consult www.AttorneyLocate.com. Here you will find 24-hour access to attorneys throughout the state of California in places like San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.